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WELTER zahnrad China Works. specializes in the development and manufacture of transmission systems, with a worldwide sales network.  Gear parts are manufactured and manufactured to meet the needs of high precision, medium and small batches.  Our success stems from 70 years of experience in gear manufacturing and a tireless pursuit of drive engineering.


Since the creation of the gear processing plant in Germany in 1946 by engineer Richard WELTER, we have always kept in mind and practiced its rumor "the highest quality, the best performance" for decades.  Today, the Welter Group has become one of the top companies in the field of transmission and mechanical engineering.


More than 100 professional high-tech skills every day in the modern processing workshops of Lahr (WELTER zahnrad GmbH), the French city of Valff (SPIROTES SARL) and Nanjing, China (WELTER zahnrad China Works.) Employees work diligently to provide the highest quality products and services.


Our partners come from the world's top manufacturers in the fields of gearboxes, rail transit, mining, cement, material handling, marine vessels, energy, printing machinery and machine tools.


WELTER zahnrad China Works. also focuses on all-round services such as inspection, condition monitoring, parts replacement, parts measurement, and parts supply for large or extra large brands and various types of reducers.


At the same time, the CAVEX brand has a reputation in the field of worm gear reducers. Since the acquisition of Siemens by Siemens in 2011, WELTER Group has achieved remarkable achievements in the nuclear power, cement, power, food, medicine, escalator and other industries.


Our business includes reducer maintenance, gear machining, worm gears, etc.


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