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Stainless steel gearbox

Stainless steel gearbox

Product Details

No need to redesign the original FLENDER-CAVEX old worm gear reducer

CAVEX worm gearboxes are favored by customers for their ruggedness and durability. Under certain industry and working conditions, the service life of gearboxes can reach 30-40 years.

We can provide you with the original FLENDER and Siemens worm gearboxes and ensure the interchangeability of each component without redesigning.

New stainless steel gearbox

CAVEX's unique worm gear design has been known for 60 years.

With high load, high speed ratio and low noise performance, the CAVEX HD series is the first to offer stainless steel worm gearboxes for industries with “hygienic design” requirements.

The stainless steel and cylindrical housing shape ensures perfect cleanliness. By simplifying the design, the integrated gearbox provides greater flexibility and saves on mounting controls.

1, no need to replace the grease, contact life of up to 10,000 hours

2. Use E3 energy efficiency grade motor with protection class IP69K.

3, with integrated, different specifications of the motor, can also be customized for customer volume.

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