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Worm gear reducer maintenance
-2020-01-23 14:58:47-

Worm gear reducer maintenance:

(1) Ensure the quality of the device. In order to ensure the quality of the device, the factory purchases and cheapens some special items. When disassembling and installing the reducer worm gear, worm, bearing, gear and other components, try to avoid direct hitting with hammers and other things; when replacing gears, worm gears, and worms, Try to choose original parts and replace them in pairs; when installing the output shaft, pay attention to the cooperation of public service, D≤50mm, choose H7/k6, D>50mm, choose H7/m6, and use anti-sticking agent or red lead together Oil, protect the hollow shaft, avoid wear and rust, avoid dirt on the cooperation area, and difficult to disassemble during maintenance.

(2) Selection of lubricating oil and additives. Worm gear reducers usually use 220# gear oil. For some reducers with heavier loads, frequent launches, and poor operating environments, the factory also selects some smooth oil additives (such as Anzhi Chemical Company’s good) to reduce When the machine stops working, the gear oil is still attached to the gear surface to form a protective film to avoid heavy load, low speed, high torque, and metal and metal touch when starting. The additive is also rich in seal ring regulator and anti-leakage agent, which makes the seal ring maintain softness and flexibility, effectively reducing the appearance of smooth oil leakage.

(3) Selection of the orientation of the reducer device. If the direction is allowed, try not to choose a vertical device. In the case of a vertical device, the amount of lubricating oil is much larger than that of a horizontal device, which simply constitutes the reducer to generate heat and oil leakage. Some of the 40,000 bottles/hour pure draft beer production lines introduced by the factory use vertical devices. After a period of operation, the transmission pinion gears are greatly worn or damaged. After adjustment, the condition has been greatly improved. .

(4) Establish corresponding smooth protection criteria. The factory protects the reducer in accordance with the "five fixed" criteria for smooth operation, so that every reducer has a valuable person to check it regularly. When the oil temperature is found to rise significantly during the operation, the temperature rise exceeds 40 ℃ or the oil temperature When the temperature exceeds 80°C, the quality of the oil is reduced, or more copper powder is found in the oil, or abnormal noise occurs, immediately stop the operation and repair it in time, eliminate the fault, and replace the smooth oil before using it. When refueling, pay attention to the same amount of oil and device orientation to ensure that the reducer is correctly smooth.

All in all, the hollow shaft worm reducer is convenient to install, reasonable in layout, and reliable. Of course, we must also pay attention to choosing the trademark of the reducer. A strong company will describe the key points based on the appearance of the reducer, the placement of the radiating ribs, the calculation of the heat balance, the depiction of the oil circuit, etc., and the actual use and operating conditions of the reducer will be selected. Outstanding manufacturing technology produces high-quality, reliable and durable reducers. Users only need to use the protection correctly to be able to get a satisfying effect.



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