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The role of spiral bevel gears
-2020-01-08 14:59:28-

Spiral bevel gears, namely spiral bevel gears, are often used for movement and power transmission between two intersecting shafts. The teeth of the bevel gear are distributed on the surface of a cone, and the tooth profile gradually decreases from the big end to the small end. Spiral bevel gear is a transmission part that can be transmitted smoothly and with low noise according to a stable transmission ratio. It has different names in different regions. It is also called spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, spiral bevel gear, arc bevel gear, Spiral bevel gears, etc. Spiral bevel gears have high transmission efficiency, stable transmission ratio, large arc overlap coefficient, high carrying capacity, smooth transmission, reliable operation, compact structure, energy saving and material saving, space saving, wear resistance, long life and low noise.

In various mechanical transmissions, the transmission efficiency of spiral bevel gears is high, which has great economic benefits for various transmissions, especially high-power transmissions. The transmission pair of transmission parts required to transmit the same torque is less space-saving than belts and chains. The space required for transmission is small; the spiral bevel gear has a stable transmission ratio, which is often the basic requirement for transmission performance in the transmission of various mechanical equipment; the spiral bevel gear is reliable and has a long life.

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