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Disassembly of worm gear reducer during maintenance
-2019-07-08 09:07:27-

1. When the reducer is repaired, disassemble the protective cover of each part, the disassembly line of the motor and the brake, pay attention to make a mark when disassembling the line, as a reference when reinstalling.

2. When the reducer is repaired, remove the pin of the high-speed shaft coupling of the reducer, untie the low-speed shaft gear coupling, and move the two halves of the coupling to both sides. Before disassembling the high-speed and low-speed shaft coupling of the reducer, the relative position must be marked with a flat shovel or sample punch as the basis for the relative position of the coupling reinstallation.

3. When the reducer is repaired, remove the motor anchor bolts and hang down the motor. When removing the motor anchor bolts, record the thickness and position of the original anchor gasket as a basis for alignment. Loosen the anchor bolts of the brake, remove the brake adjustment screw, disassemble the brake, and remove the brake. Remove the backstop of the reducer and place it in the designated position to avoid bumping.

4. Mark the relative position of the upper and lower joint surfaces of the reducer, remove the fastening bolts on the joint surfaces of the upper and lower covers of the reducer, replace the damaged bolts, and remove the positioning pins. Check whether the bolts are damaged or cracked, and screw the nut onto the screw for proper storage.

5. Mark the assembly marks on each bearing end cover, remove the fastening bolts of the bearing end cover, remove the end cover, measure the thickness and number of asbestos gaskets in the bearing end cover with an outside micrometer, and make original records. Preliminary inspection of the bearing end cover, the straight end face is free of wear and cracks.

6. When the reducer is repaired, the upper cover should be checked first, and there are no missing screws and other abnormal phenomena (the upper cover is lifted with the jacking wire, and it is hoisted to the prepared backing plate, and the crane is operated. Post). Special attention: please mark the original meshing position of the gear, and mesh in the original order when reinstalling



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