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Why does noise occur during gear processing and meshing
-2019-07-04 09:11:43-

Gear processingIt is the technological process of obtaining the specific structure and precision of gears by mechanical methods. Some situations may sometimes occur during the processing, such as the generation of noise. Gear noise refers to the meshing gear pair or gear group during transmission, due to mutual collision or The friction causes the vibration of the gear body to radiate noise.

In the process of gear meshing, the gear teeth will inevitably undergo a certain degree of elastic deformation after being stressed, so whenever a gear tooth meshes, the load of the meshed gear teeth will be relatively reduced, and they will immediately move towards the load. The position is restored and deformed, thereby giving the gear body a tangential acceleration, plus the bending deformation of the original meshing gear teeth under load and gear manufacturing errors, causing the gear teeth to collide during the entire process from meshing in to meshing out, forming a so-called The meshing impact force.

Under the action of this kind of excitation, the gear will also excite the vibration of the gear, thereby generating noise and spreading out through air and solid media. Therefore, the wiring impact force and the meshing impact force generated in the meshing process of gear processing make a pair of transmission The vibration produced by gears is the main cause of noise.

At present, the importance of controlling gear transmission noise is becoming more and more obvious, and the requirements of industrial development and demand on the transmission error of equipment are becoming more and more stringent. We must try our best to find a solution to avoid noise.



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