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Talk about which gear machining is more popular between gear shaving and gear grinding
-2019-07-02 09:15:22-

With the development of gear processing technology in recent years, with the improvement of gear materials, gear tool manufacturing and grinding wheel technology, gear machine tools have greatly improved the precision and efficiency of finishing gears, and the speed is beyond imagination.

In addition, the development direction of gear manufacturing not only involves mature markets in Europe and the United States, but also includes rapidly developing markets represented by China.

How far can the traditional high-speed steel hob and wet cutting technology go?

The driving effect of hard alloy hob and dry cutting is obvious. For mass production of gear assembly lines, can carbide hobs be used instead of high-speed steel hobs? Is dry cutting the only method for gear hobbing or wet cutting?

(1) Carbide hobs are especially suitable for hobbing automobile gears. However, the application of cemented carbide hobs in Europe is not high, because with the development of new high-speed steel materials and high-performance tool coating technology, the difference in hobbing time between cemented carbide hobs and high-speed steel hobs can be Control it at about 15%.

The price of cemented carbide hobs is high. If the number of gear parts is insufficient, the cost of using cemented carbide hobs will be very high, and special attention must be paid when using cemented carbide hobs, and the hobbing parameters and corresponding hobbing must be carefully formulated Craft.

Only modern gear hobbing machines can correctly use carbide hobs for hobbing, and upgrading gear hobbing equipment requires a lot of investment. Endowment fund.


As far as knitting is concerned, approximately 25,000 hobs are produced annually, of which only 3% are carbides. In other words, the annual output of cemented carbide hobs can reach 750 units.

(2) Dry cutting of gears is another matter. Due to environmental protection requirements and the high cost of disposing of cooling waste liquid, users in Europe, the United States, and Japan generally consider dry cutting gear hobbing when choosing; while in developing countries such as China and India, pollution control is also an urgent requirement. But it takes time.

Once the society's stricter control of pollution problems, gear dry cutting processing will also develop rapidly.

For gear processing, between gear shaving and gear grinding, which gear processing is more popular?

This must first distinguish one industry from another. For example, the vast majority of gears used in the automotive industry rely on gear shaving for processing. Some companies will also grind the gears of the back-end transmission gear, just to eliminate any deformations that occur on the ring cylindrical gears.

The reduction in gear processing time mentioned above is mainly due to the development of new gear tools, modern gear machine tools, and the resulting reduction in finishing allowance and the improvement of gear quality before grinding.

In addition, compared with gear grinding machines, modern CNC gear shaving machines are often more expensive at half the cost, and can obtain high-precision gear grades (up to DIN5-6 grade) before heat treatment; and compared with gear thread grinding machines, the processing cycle Also shorter.

For gears in the automotive industry, especially those used in automatic transmissions, we can control the deformation caused by heat treatment after shaving to a few microns; in addition, the correction of the tooth profile and tooth direction helps to compensate for the deformation. Because of the emergence of modern razor sharpeners.



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