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Effective cooling method for worm gear reducer
-2019-06-27 09:18:35-

The worm gear reducer will generate heat during long-term operation, causing the temperature to rise. In order to improve the efficiency of the worm gear reducer design, the worm gear adopts non-ferrous metals as the main material and the worm generally uses hard steel. Therefore, it is easy to generate a large amount of heat during use, and the temperature of the reducer is difficult to control within the operating temperature range due to the influence of the ambient temperature. In order to reduce the loss caused by high-temperature operation, we need to take effective measures to cool it down.

You can refer to the following points:

1. A cooling coil is installed in the oil pool of the tank, and the cooling water in the pipe takes away part of the heat of the lubricating oil.

2. Fan cooling, add a fan on the extension shaft of the worm to increase heat dissipation and reduce temperature.

3. Install cooling fins outside the box to increase the cooling surface.

4. Install the lubricating oil external circulation device to reduce the oil temperature.

5. The operating temperature of the worm gear reducer should be controlled at -40°C or 40°C. When the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, it should be heated before starting to make the leap oil fully dissolved or use the leap oil with low freezing point.


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