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What should you pay attention to when installing the worm gear reducer?
-2019-06-25 09:42:02-

Worm gear: The salt speed machine needs to be firmly installed on the machine. It must be confirmed that the direction of the speed reducer is correct. Today, the gear reducer manufacturer tells everyone about the worm gear

What should I pay attention to when installing the rod reducer?

The worm gear reducer cannot be placed for too long. If it is more than 3~6 months, and the oil seal is not immersed in the lubricating oil, it is recommended that the reducer user replace the oil seal. Please follow the speed reducer's code of practice. The standard working environment temperature is -5 to 10 degrees. The reducer is usually used with a salty speed motor or motor sleeve, so ventilation must be installed to improve heat dissipation and keep it running. When it is installed, it is necessary to check the lubricating oil level first. It is not necessary to mention the load immediately. It is recommended to increase it gradually. It is recommended to install a protective device around the worm gear reducer.

The above is the gear reducer manufacturer to share with you the need to pay attention to the installation of the pot wheel worm reducer, I hope to help everyone, want to know more about



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