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Causes of rusting of worm gear reducer bearings
-2019-06-21 09:43:05-

The worm gear reducer bearing is an important part of the reducer and an important part of the contemporary mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy. Due to the interaction of the various parts in the use of the reducer, the retaining ring of the outer ring (or inner ring) of the fixed bearing and the shoulder of the outer ring of the bearing on the end cover will have a certain amount of wear, and these inconspicuous wear will be Make the bearing have a gap, and it will cause the bearing to rust after a long time.

Before the worm gear reducer rusts, we need to know that the grease inside the bearing plays the role of separating the steel ball from the inner and outer raceways, and using the viscosity characteristics of the grease, attached to the steel ball and the raceway surface, separating The metal interface between the steel ball and the inner and outer raceways causes less wear on the metal surface and protects the metal from air and moisture corrosion, reducing vibration and noise, and allowing the bearing to rotate smoothly. However, after the grease is deteriorated, the viscosity will change, the oil film will break through, and the separation function and the adhesion property of the grease will disappear. This has the effect that the acidic component produced by the insulating paint directly oxidizes the metal surface, causing the bearing to rust, and It also causes the steel ball to directly contact the inner and outer raceways, causing wear or breakage during rotation, which causes an increase in noise.

The main cause of the rust of the worm gear reducer is the acid component formed by the decomposition of the Li solidified material. The main acid component of the insulating paint is formic acid. There is a close relationship between the occurrence of formic acid and the degree of corrosion. The grease adsorbs the acidic components volatilized in the paint, causing the grease to deteriorate, and the acidic component promotes the hydrolysis of the grease, resulting in an increase in the concentration of the acidic component, causing the bearing to rust.


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