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Why does the worm gear reducer produce vibration?
-2019-06-19 09:43:37-

The structure of the worm gear reducer itself is all metal, so it will be heavy, especially the cast iron worm gear reducer, while the aluminum alloy worm gear reducer will be relatively lighter, which is due to the difference in the material of the reduction case (aluminum). The cast iron worm gear reducer has horizontal ampere and vertical installation. The aluminum alloy worm gear reducer is suitable for multi-directional installation. During normal operation, vibration may occur. What causes the vibration of the worm gear reducer?

The phase width transmission reducer is analyzed as follows:

1. Motor (primer) + worm gear reducer + work machine is not fixed, check each fixing bolt.

2. The worm gear pair is excessively worn and damaged. It is recommended to replace the worm gear pair (you can contact the transmission reducer).

3, the bearing wear, the gap is large, need to replace the new bearing.

4. The bolts are not fixed. Check the fixing bolts of each component and tighten them.

5, other reasons, etc.

The above may cause vibration of the worm gear reducer, which can be understood from other aspects. The power transmission reducer recommends that the majority of users do the daily maintenance work, so that timely detection and timely processing.



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