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Some knowledge to master the maintenance of imported reducer
-2019-06-10 10:30:52-

Imported reducers are of vital importance to most factories in real life, so such a device, when used, will certainly have this series of imported reducer maintenance, import What knowledge should be mastered in the maintenance of the reducer?

In the process of repairing the imported reducer, everyone must pay attention to the timely replacement of the oil, so that after waiting for the entire imported reducer to cool down, there is no danger of burning, and still maintain a relatively good heat, and After the complete cooling, the viscosity of the oil will gradually increase, and some oil discharge difficulties will occur slowly. Be sure to cut off the power of some of the original devices to prevent unintentional power supply.

In addition, in the process of maintenance of the imported reducer, it must be fully operational. For a simple example, after 200 hours of operation, you should replace some different oils for the first time. Of course, during the replacement process, The quality of these oils should be checked anytime and anywhere. For those oils that have been mixed with impurities, they should be replaced in time. Under normal circumstances, these equipments that work continuously for a long period of time should basically be replaced by the method of changing the lubricating oil every year. Replace, and when changing oil, make sure to choose the same brand.



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