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Splash shaft flower world, do you understand?
-2019-05-24 10:40:47-

The world of spline shafts is very wonderful. There are many spline shaft manufacturers around us, mainly because there are more people using spline shafts. Today we will discuss the flower world of the spline shaft, as follows:

The spline shaft is usually divided into two types, one is a rectangular spline shaft, and the other is an involute flower reel. However, the application of the rectangular spline shaft relative to the involute spline shaft is more widely used, because the involute spline shaft is mainly applied to links requiring high load, high precision and large size. Rectangular spline shafts are often used as mechanical transmissions in machines where everyday life is more common, such as in automobiles, airplanes, machine tools, and the like.

So what is a spline shaft? The spline shaft is mainly a kind of mechanical transmission, and its function is the same as that of the peace key and the oblique key, as the transmission of mechanical torque. The longitudinal keyway is distributed on the outer side of the shaft, and the rotating member of the sleeve on the shaft also has a keyway, so that the rotating member and the shaft are simultaneously rotated. Some can also slide longitudinally on the shaft while rotating, like the gearbox shifting gear is the principle used. The material of the spline shaft is 40Cr, which is treated by heat treatment. The surface hardness of the material is HRC45--50.

Since the rectangular spline shaft is operated by multiple teeth, the load force of the rectangular spline shaft is very good, and the spline shaft performs well in the centering and guiding, due to the root of the rectangular spline shaft. It is shallower, so it also makes its stress concentration smaller.

In addition, the spline shaft has a feature that the strength between the shaft and the hub is weakened, which makes it easier to machine and grind it to improve its accuracy. Since the involute spline shaft is mainly used in a connection with a large load, a high centering accuracy requirement and a large size. Therefore, its use is characterized in that the tooth profile of the involute spline shaft is involute, and the structure has a radial force on the tooth when it is loaded, which can be automatically set. The action of the heart makes the force between the teeth more uniform and improves the service life of the spline shaft.


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