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Axial drive plane gear

Axial drive plane gear

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Helical plane gear transmission is a new type of spatial cross-axis gear transmission composed of involute helical pinions and helical plane gears. Because the spiral plane gear drive has the advantages of large coincidence, compact structure, high transmission ratio, low noise, mature and simple pinion manufacturing process, strong load-bearing capacity and stable transmission, it is more and more widely used in different engineering fields. .

One of the basic requirements for gear transmission is that the transmission ratio remains unchanged. Otherwise, when the driving wheel rotates at a constant angular velocity, the angular velocity of the driven wheel becomes a variable, thereby generating inertial force. This not only affects the working accuracy and stability of the gear transmission, but may even cause premature failure of the gear teeth. Whether the transmission ratio of the gear mechanism is constant depends directly on the shape of the tooth profile curves of the two wheels. The basic law of tooth profile meshing is to study when the tooth profile shape meets the conditions that can meet this basic requirement. Gear mechanism is one of the most widely used transmission mechanisms in modern machinery. It can be used to transmit motion and power between any two shafts in space. It has a large transmission power range, high efficiency, accurate transmission ratio, long service life, and safe work. Reliability and other characteristics.

The bevel gear is a conical gear that transmits motion between two intersecting shafts. According to its tooth line shape and direction, it can be divided into straight bevel gears, helical bevel gears, zero degree bevel gears and curved bevel gears, etc.

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