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  • Snake spring coupling

    Snake spring coupling France's CMD, the leader in mechanical transmission equipment in France, was founded by André Citroën and joined the CIF Group in 200Contact Now

  • Gear coupling

    Gear coupling DG series trapezoidal section spring coupling, interchangeable with American standard coupling TAC series French original name FlexacContact Now

  • CMD gear coupling

    CMD gear coupling For over a century, the mission of CMD couplings has been to design and produce the best connection between motors and machines that Contact Now

  • Serpentine spring coupling

    Serpentine spring coupling CMD has always been specializing in the design and production of engines and the most suitable connection system between them, with aContact Now

  • Special coupling

    Special coupling Our company's unique technical department specializes in special couplings for special couplings: large deviation, spindle type couplContact Now

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