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Gear coupling

Gear coupling

Product Details

DG series

Trapezoidal section spring coupling, interchangeable with US standard coupling

TAC series

French original name Flexacier TAC

This series is an optimized version of the Winflex T family for corrosive environments.

Torque range from 90Nm to 800kNm

For shafts from 28mm to 550mm in diameter.

Senior Collection

All-steel imported gear coupling with curved crests.

Optimized by finite element analysis, compact and efficient.

Torque range from 1200Nm to 7780KNm,

For shafts from 38mm to 800mm in diameter.

Junior Collection

All-steel gear coupling.

Application of finite element analysis optimization

Torque range from 700Nm to 41500Nm

For shafts from 35mm to 180mm in diameter

Z series

All-steel gear coupling.

Application of finite element analysis optimization

Torque range from 1860Nm to 4630kNm

For shafts from 35mm to 820mm in diameter.

Gear Coupling Features:

12.9 grade fasteners allow adhesive transfer torque

The sealing of the standard O-ring seal ensures the long life of the coupling

Using finite element optimization, the hub hole can reach up to 800mm

Specially designed teeth increase contact surface and limit surface pressure

Special tooth profile for limiting noise and vibration interference

The annular tooth surface is optimized by the finite element method

Note: S50-S280 allows up to 1°30 angular error

S310-S800 allows up to 1° angular error

24 all-steel couplings with torques ranging from 1200Nm to 4500KNm

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