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WELTER successfully completed heavy-duty JLP330 reducer repair
- 2019-05-23-

At the end of January 2017, a heavy-duty JLP330 reducer repaired by a well-known cement company in our company was successfully tested and delivered.  The reducer weighs more than 90 tons, the input power reaches 3150KW, and the input speed is 993r/m. The successful completion of the maintenance also marks the maintenance capability of our reducer .

This JLP330 reducer was put into use in 2010. In 2016, high-speed package thrust bearing sintering occurred, and customers replaced high-speed package bearings.  In January 2017, the inspection found that the metal in the lubricating oil exceeded the standard and confirmed that it needed maintenance.  After receiving the maintenance task, our company immediately set up a maintenance team to overcome the difficulties of tight maintenance time and inconvenient traffic during the Spring Festival. It successfully completed the disassembly of the reducer, the replacement of the bearing, the repair of the inner hole of the planetary wheel, and the completion of quality and quantity. The maintenance work was carried out, and the reducer was safely delivered to the customer site in the 25th year of the New Year, which earned valuable time for the customer to resume production efficiently after the year.

The following is an atlas of the speed reducer disassembly process:

We have strict standard requirements for the disassembly and installation of the reducer. The bearing clearance and gear meshing are precisely adjusted. Each reducer must be checked by the no-load test machine before it can be delivered. At the same time, professional technicians are arranged to cooperate with the customer. To ensure that the customer's equipment is running without any worries.

Condition monitoring:

Before the maintenance of the reducer or after the repair, our company will arrange condition monitoring and continue to follow the operation of the reducer.

Our company will provide customers with solutions to problems based on the status monitoring data of the equipment and the combination of process and equipment.

WELTER Gear (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. specializes in all-round services such as inspection of large and extra large brands and various types of reducers, condition monitoring, parts replacement, parts measurement, parts supply, etc. The maintenance of the imported standard reducer has been approved by the customer.

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