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How to maintain and maintain the reducer maintenance machinery
- 2019-06-10-

1. The four requirements for maintenance of the reducer maintenance equipment

Neat: tools, workpieces, and accessories are neatly placed; safety guards are complete; line piping is complete.

Cleaning: The inside and outside of the equipment are clean; all sliding surfaces and screws, gears, racks, etc. are free of oil and no damage; each part does not leak oil, does not leak water, does not leak, does not leak; the garbage is cleaned.

Lubrication: Oil on time, oil quality, oil quality meets requirements; oil pot, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum, oil line are clean and complete, oil mark is bright, oil circuit is smooth.

Safety: Implement the system of fixed and fixed shifts; be familiar with the structure of the equipment and comply with the operating procedures, use the equipment reasonably, carefully maintain the equipment, and prevent accidents.

2. On-site reducer maintenance equipment maintenance management content

The maintenance work of the reducer maintenance equipment can be divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance according to time; according to the maintenance mode, it can be divided into general maintenance, regional maintenance and important equipment maintenance. Maintenance work includes: on-site management and maintenance work such as inspection, inspection, adjustment, lubrication, demolition and repair.

3. Area maintenance of the equipment

The regional maintenance of equipment is divided into several areas according to the quantity of equipment or equipment type in the production area. The maintenance workers have a clear division of labor and work closely with the operators to supervise and guide the equipment operators in the areas under their jurisdiction to operate correctly and reasonably. Carefully maintain the equipment; conduct inspections on the patrol, master the operation of the equipment, and undertake some equipment maintenance work; be responsible for the implementation of the assessment indicators such as the equipment integrity rate and failure rate in the district city. Regional maintenance is a post responsibility system that strengthens equipment maintenance management to provide production services and mobilize the enthusiasm of maintenance workers.

The work of regional maintenance is:

Daily duty maintenance workers take the initiative to patrol the equipment in the district to patrol the installation level and accuracy, and make detailed records for future reference.

For precision equipment with different requirements (constant temperature, constant humidity, anti-vibration, dustproof), enterprises should take corresponding measures to ensure that the accuracy and performance of the equipment are not affected.

Precision, critical equipment Generally do not disassemble parts, especially optical components, during routine maintenance. When it is necessary to disassemble, it should be carried out by a special repair worker. If abnormal phenomena are found during operation of the equipment, it is necessary to stop immediately and not allow sickness to operate.

Operate in strict accordance with the processing range specified in the equipment manual. Super-standard, over-weight, overload, and over-pressure equipment are not allowed. Precision equipment is only allowed to be finished for direct use, the machining allowance should be reasonable, and the castings and blanks should be sandblasted or painted beforehand.

Lubricating materials, wiping materials and cleaning agents of the equipment shall be used strictly in accordance with the provisions of the manual, and shall not be used interchangeably. The lubricating oil material needs to be tested and needs to be filtered before being added to the fuel tank.

Precision equipment should be equipped with a protective cover during non-working hours. If you stop for a long time, wipe, lubricate and run dry regularly.

The accessories and special tools of the equipment shall be placed in a special cabinet, kept clean, protected from rust and damage, and shall not be borrowed or used for other purposes.

Equipment lubrication is an important part of the on-site use and maintenance of machinery and equipment. Correct and suitable lubrication equipment can reduce friction and wear of equipment parts, increase equipment service life, rationally exert equipment efficiency, reduce function loss, prevent equipment corrosion and deformation. On the contrary, ignoring the lubrication of the equipment and improper lubrication of the equipment will accelerate the wear of the equipment, causing frequent equipment failures and accidents, accelerating the deterioration of the technical state of the equipment, and affecting product quality and output. Therefore, equipment management, use of personnel and maintenance personnel should pay attention to the lubrication of equipment.

4. On-site production equipment leakage management standards

Oil seepage: the oil trace is not obvious, and the oil trace is not seen within five minutes after the oil trace is wiped clean.

Oil leakage: oil traces are obvious, and some form oil droplets. Oil traces or oil droplets appear to leak oil within five minutes after the oil traces or oil droplets are wiped clean.

Oil spill point: There is an obvious oil trace or an oil drop, which is a leak point.

Non-oil leakage equipment: the static joint surface does not seep oil, and the dynamic joint surface does not leak oil, it is a non-oil leakage equipment. 80% of the joint surface does not leak oil, and the oil leakage part of the oil leakage in at least one minute is basically no oil leakage equipment.

Severe oil spill equipment: The equipment has one of the following conditions, or one oil spill point for up to three drops in one minute, which is a serious oil spill equipment.

General oil leakage equipment: Where there is oil leakage, but not enough of the above serious oil leakage, it is a general oil leakage equipment.

Eligible governance: the static joint surface does not seep the oil, and the moving joint surface (all the moving parts except the hand lubricated guide rail, lead screw, light bar, etc.) does not leak oil.

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