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Reducer maintenance process standard
- 2019-06-11-

The maintenance personnel of the reducer provide various assembly and inspection standards, optimize the maintenance process of the reducer, ensure the maintenance and maintenance quality of the reducer, and further improve the post operation standard. The operation procedure is hereby formulated.

First, preliminary preparations:

1. According to the condition of the operating equipment, the equipment repair and maintenance application is proposed, and the company's leaders review and approve;

2. Organize maintenance personnel to go to the site to check the status of the equipment, ask the operator about the current problems of the equipment, and record in detail;

3. Gradually analyze the problems existing in the equipment and estimate the maintenance items, and initially determine the overhaul plan;

4. Return the initial plan to the department head and negotiate to determine the final plan;

5. Prepare relevant drawings and materials and purchase spare parts that are expected to be replaced, and follow the progress of the arrival;

6. Notify the production department to determine the downtime by negotiation;

7. Maintain and maintain part of the work within the team, refine the maintenance project, and clarify the responsible person;

Second, start maintenance:

1. Disassemble the machine, gradually disassemble according to the equipment structure, and make detailed records to prevent mixing;

2. Clean the deceleration chassis and check for oil leaks;

3. Check and measure the gears in the reducer, focus on the gear wear and its meshing status, and record the inspection results;

4. Measure the bearing clearance, check the wear condition, measure the casing, check the wear condition, and record the inspection results;

5. Measure the input, output and intermediate shaft of the reducer, check the wear condition, and record the inspection result;

6. Summarize the above inspection results, summarize the dimensional deviations, and determine the repair items;

Third, the maintenance process operation process:

1. Remove the reducer:

(1) Decontaminating and cleaning the outer surface of the disassembled reducer housing, and then cleaning with kerosene;

(2) Release the lubricating oil in the reducer;

(3) Use a special tool (pull device) to remove the reducer pulley;

(4) Disassemble the output part of the reducer, remove the end cap fastening screw, separate the end cover with a top wire or a crowbar, and then use a puller and a bearing press to remove the gears and bearings on the output shaft;

(5) Using the same method to remove the input shaft, gear, and bearing of the input section;

(6) Remove the intermediate shaft, gears and bearings by means of bearing press or tapping with a copper rod;

(7) cleaning the parts removed above with kerosene;

(8) Check and measure the removed gears, bearings, shafts, end covers, housings, bearing holes, and record the dimensions in detail;

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