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Reducer maintenance manufacturer introduces ways to improve the service life of reducer
- 2019-06-17-

We know that the life of the reducer is determined by the external load size and the internal wear rate. Excessive internal and external load may cause tooth breakage, shaft breakage and wear of moving parts, and wear of moving parts may cause difficulty in forming lubricant film. Therefore, the reducer maintenance manufacturer has introduced the gearbox in the reducer and used hard In the case of a toothed gear, the method of increasing its service life is as follows:

First, it is necessary to avoid excessive external load on the components driven by the reducer.

Second, the wear of the internal bearings or gears of the reducer should be controlled within a reasonable range.

Third, it is necessary to ensure a full fluid dynamic lubricating oil film between the inside of the bearing and the gear meshing surface.

1 Install the gear unit correctly to avoid excessive additional force

The installation of the reducer must comply with the corresponding installation requirements to avoid excessive additional force (ie, increase the external load) due to poor alignment, insufficient precision, and excessive vibration, thus accelerating the damage of the reducer. Such faults should be discovered and managed in time during the initial operation or operation. Otherwise, the vibration load may cause abnormal acceleration such as wear or running of the bearing, and reduce the service life of the reducer.

2 Timely overhaul the driven parts and reducer to avoid excessive load inside and outside the reducer

Parts driven by the reducer may generate excessive external loads due to wear, scale, cracks, or damage to the support bearings. Therefore, in the daily maintenance work, the targeted inspection and repair standards should be formulated and implemented to avoid excessive external loads, thus reducing the service life of the reducer. For example, for the reducer itself, the detection of lubricating oil, vibration, temperature, noise, etc. can be monitored by means of five observations, vibration monitoring, and analysis of lubricating oil and iron spectrum, and timely detection of existing faults or hidden dangers, timely inspection, Repair or replace damaged parts to ensure that the working condition of the reducer meets the design requirements, preventing or avoiding excessive internal load.

3. Ensure that a full fluid dynamic lubricating oil film is formed between the bearing and the tooth surface.

The formation of a full-fluid lubricating oil film is fundamental to improving the service life of the reducer. Here are the specific methods:

1 Reasonable use of lubricating oil Reasonable choice of lubricating oil is the key to ensure adequate lubrication. When selecting lubricating oil, it mainly considers factors such as line speed, ultimate load, temperature, working environment, etc., and selects lubricating oil reasonably.

There is no problem with the oil recommended by the imported reducer manufacturers, but there are some unreasonable phenomena in the lubricants recommended by the domestic reducer manufacturers. At the same time, there is a case of improper replacement when using domestic lubricants instead of imported lubricants. This situation is extremely detrimental to the service life of the reducer, because in a short period of time ((1 year), without the aid of lubricating oil analysis technology, it is impossible to see the serious consequences of improper use of oil. Therefore, the selection of lubricating oil should cause Adequate attention.

2 to ensure the cleanliness of the lubricating oil

The thickness of the full-fluid lubricating oil film of the reducer gear and bearing is stable under the condition of reducer, lubricating oil and external load. The thickness of the oil film is stable between several micrometers and several tens of micrometers. The abrasive grains generated in the process, as well as the external pollutants, may destroy the oil film condition and accelerate the wear of the relatively moving parts (this situation is caused by the wear of moving parts with high moving speed), and at the same time, the local high temperature caused by the poor formation of the oil film, High pressure also accelerates the deterioration of the lubricant. Therefore, reducing the amount of abrasive grains in the oil, improving the cleanliness of the lubricating oil, and greatly improving the lubricating parts and lubrication

The service life of the oil. For example: SKF bearing manufacturers have thoroughly studied the effects of various factors such as load, oil viscosity, particle pollutants on bearing life through a large number of tests, and concluded that 2-5 micron solid particles in lubricating oil and rolling bearing fatigue life are obtained. Can be extended to the original 10-50 times. Therefore, reducing or controlling the amount of foreign matter in the oil can effectively reduce the wear of the equipment and effectively extend the service life of the lubricating oil.

The specific method is as follows: the newly added lubricating oil should avoid pollution; in the use of oil, it should prevent external pollutants (dust, water, etc.) from entering the oil; thoroughly clean the fuel tank when changing oil; for important equipment or large and medium-sized reducers, consider adding Oil filter, online filter oil; for equipment with high cleanliness requirements, or equipment with inconvenient installation of oil filter, high-precision oil filter equipment can be used to filter the oil in use.

3 Prevent the occurrence of lubrication accidents of the reducer

The reducer may be short of oil due to oil leakage, or it may be inhaled due to the ingress of moisture, dust, slurry, etc., and a lubrication accident may occur. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the static and dynamic sealing points, the venting plugs, the oil level changes, etc. during the inspection work to prevent external pollutants from entering the reducer, preventing poor lubrication and dry burning. For gearboxes that use cooling water to cool lubricants or open-air steam, etc., it is also necessary to strengthen the inspection of the influent of the lubricating oil to avoid lubrication accidents caused by water ingress.

4 Regularly monitor the quality of the lubricating oil to achieve “change oil by quality”

Lubricating oil may be contaminated by external pollutants such as dust and moisture. It may also be degraded due to the increase of internal abrasive grains, which may cause deterioration of the lubricating oil, resulting in the early retirement of the lubricating oil, or may be delayed due to the cleanliness. Long makes Sichuan life. Therefore, a certain oil change mode cannot be adapted to the needs of each management. The sampling and analysis of lubricating oil is carried out regularly during the machine, which is beneficial to timely understand the quality change of the lubricating oil and to find the lubricating oil that should be scrapped to ensure reliable lubrication. For gear lubricants, new oil should be replaced if one of the operating conditions meets the criteria in the table below.

5 to ensure that the reducer lubricant works in a reasonable temperature range

Lubricating oils have suitable operating temperatures, and too high or too low is not conducive to lubrication. If the gears and bearings run in a 50 ° C lubricating oil than in a 3 ° C lubricating oil, the wear will increase by 10-12 times: when the oil temperature exceeds 55-60 ° C, the oil temperature rises by 5 ° C, The oxidation rate of the oil will be doubled. Therefore, for ordinary reducers that use mineral oil lubrication, one must prevent the daily temperature from being too low, usually higher than the pour point; second, to prevent the oil temperature from being too high, usually the oil temperature should not exceed 80 0C. For equipment with a low oil temperature, a heater should be used. For gearboxes with a higher oil temperature, measures such as controlling the oil level and forcing heat dissipation should be taken. For example, our company's seed tank reducer has adopted a fan to cool down.

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