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What are the advantages of the worm gear reducer?
- 2019-06-18-

Worm gear : The salt speed machine is a common type of speed reducer. It has a wide range of applications in the industry. What are the advantages of the gearbox repair master to tell you about the worm gear reducer?

First, the worm gear worm speed machine also has a relatively large output torque, this one feature. And it has a wide range of practical applications. It also has high safety and reliability, which is of great benefit to our use.

Second, the structure of the worm gear reducer is very compact, its volume is also very light, and its shape is relatively clever. It has small but efficient features, has good heat dissipation, and its heat exchange is also very good. .

Third, the installation of the worm gear speeder is relatively simple, it has flexible characteristics, and the worm speed machine also uses the advantages of easy maintenance. The advantages include stable transmission, low noise and durability. It is a good product we have purchased.

Wilt Gear (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. also focuses on all-round services such as inspection, condition monitoring, parts replacement, parts measurement, and parts supply for large or extra large brands and various types of reducers.

At the same time, the CAVEX brand has a reputation in the field of worm gear reducers. Since the acquisition of Siemens by Siemens in 2011, WELTER Group has achieved remarkable achievements in the nuclear power, cement, power, food, medicine, escalator and other industries.

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