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Aluminum alloy worm gear reducer material
- 2019-06-21-

The aluminum alloy worm gear reducer belongs to the series of reducer series. The aluminum alloy worm gear reducer is mainly composed of a box body, a worm gear, a bearing and a shaft. The box is the base of all the accessories in the worm gear reducer. It is an important part that supports the fixed shaft parts, ensures the correct relative position of the transmission parts and supports the load acting on the reducer. The following is an introduction to the material and application range of aluminum alloy worm gear reducer.

Aluminum alloy worm gear reducer material: 1, fuselage, die-cast aluminum alloy;

2, worm shaft, 20 Crq steel, high temperature treatment, durable: 3, worm gear, nickel bronze alloy;

4, aluminum alloy body, sandblasting and surface anti-corrosion treatment; 5, cast iron body, using bIu RA5010 paint.

The technical parameters of aluminum alloy worm gear reducer are: Power: 0. 09^7. 5kW torque: 22"850N m transmission ratio: 7. 5100, imax 3000 Remarks: can be equipped with various types of motors or doubles for foot and flange mounting Shaft type.

Aluminum alloy worm gear reducer has a wide range of applications and can be used in metallurgy, mining, transportation, water conservancy, chemical, food, beverage, textile, tobacco, packaging, environmental protection and other industries. It is currently a modern industrial equipment to achieve high speed ratio and low noise. The best choice for high-stability mechanical reduction transmission control devices.