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WELTER gear - the reducer maintenance expert around you
- 2019-05-24-

Welter Gear (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. specializes in all-round services such as large and extra large brands and various types of reducer maintenance , inspection, condition monitoring, parts replacement, parts measurement, parts supply, etc. The small imported standard reducer is repaired and approved by the customer.

Recently, Welter Gear (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. reducer maintenance technical engineer repaired two FLENDER reducers at the customer site.  Under the guidance of the concept of “high quality and high performance”, Welter has been helping customers solve problems in the first time, thinking what customers think and urgency.  The flexibility, timeliness and quality of service are the greatest competitiveness of our technical engineers.

For small imported standard reducers, as long as you provide the serial number and model number, we can provide you with quotation and plan within 24 hours, and provide technical guidance on site.

The industrial reducer is a function of matching the rotational speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the actuator. It is a reduction transmission device and is widely used in mechanical equipment.  The hardened surface reducer has been in use for a long time. Usually, abnormal sounds are generated during the use process. After opening the hardened surface reduction casing, it is found that there are different programs in the pinion teeth. The teeth of the large gear also have a certain degree of tooth edge. Damage, the reason for the damage is that the bearing steel ball is broken due to overload, and the bearing residue falls into the gear gap and causes the gear to bite.

Reducer maintenance - please find Wilt gear, advanced and complete maintenance facilities and tools, experienced professional maintenance team, perfect maintenance process is the quality assurance of Welter reducer maintenance.  Look forward to working with you!

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