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How to solve the deformation during gear processing
- 2019-07-04-

onGear processingThe distortion of heat treatment is very complicated, and it is a comprehensive reflection of the factors affecting all cold and hot working procedures. The residual stress generated by machining, the thermal stress and the structural stress in the heat treatment process will all have a certain influence on the deformation. However, they have many influencing factors, involving raw materials, workpiece structure shape design, the entire process, technical requirements, machining methods, processing conditions, heat treatment processes (heating, cooling), tooling, etc. Sometimes it is difficult to take measures to solve the deformation of the gear only from the heat treatment. It is necessary to consider various factors in the whole process of cold and hot processing, analyze the specific situation and take corresponding measures to eliminate or reduce

As the main part of mechanical transmission, gears are widely used. Plastic gears have gradually replaced metal gears in many fields due to their light weight, low cost, and good inertia.

Mold is a key factor affecting the quality of plastic gear injection molding. How to improve the quality and efficiency of mold design is a key common problem faced by the gear mold industry. At the same time, because plastic gears shrink during the injection molding process, how to modify the cavity of the mold to ensure the accuracy of the gear forming is even more difficult in mold design.

Therefore, this article researched and developed the CAD system of plastic gear injection mould. This article first analyzes the formation principle of the involute gear tooth profile and its related characteristics. Combined with the general law of plastic injection molding shrinkage, the plastic gear injection mold cavity correction rule is studied, and a fast and effective gear cavity is proposed. Correction method.

Then this paper studies the parametric modeling technology, uses the relational expression method to establish the parametric template of the involute spur gear and the involute helical gear, and realizes the parameterization of the plastic gear through man-machine interaction Modeling, the user only needs to input the key parameters of the gear to automatically create the corresponding type of gear. Based on the above foundation, this article developed a set of plastic gear injection mold CAD system on the UG NX platform, including cavity design, mold base/standard part design, gating system design, cooling system design, etc. Through the application of this system, users can not only design the plastic gear injection mold quickly and orderly, but also automatically obtain the result of cavity correction, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of mold design and shortens the mold design cycle.

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