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How does the reducer heat up?
-2019-11-20 00:00:00-
How the reducer heats up:

The noise of the cycloid reducer is inherently large. If the oil temperature has not changed when the noise is large, it generally does not matter, or check whether the noise value is normal. The problem of lubrication often leads to the problem of heat and noise in the reducer. If there is too much lubricating oil, the oil will lose power and cause a lot of heat. If there is too little lubricating oil, a lot of heat will be generated by the conflict.

The reducer used for mixing, the cycloid reducer should generally be a vertical device, in this case, the small type of reducer is generally grease and smooth, please acknowledge that the amount of grease meets the manufacturer's requirements; the large type is generally forced to be smooth, and smooth is recognized Whether the pipeline is blocked.

Whether the alignment of the reducer and the forced shaft exceeds the required scale, if the alignment is not good, it will cause excessive radial force on the output bearing of the reducer. If it is severe, the oil seal will be worn a lot, and the bearing will be worn out. A lot of heat is generated.



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