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Quick repair of wear and tear of reducer bearing chamber
-2019-11-18 00:00:00-

Reducer is an important equipment in the industrial field. Once the main shaft is worn or the box bearing chamber is worn, it will have a serious impact on the operation of the entire equipment and cannot be produced normally.

For wearing parts, such as bearings, the general maintenance is relatively simple, and the method of replacement can be used directly for maintenance. The disassembly is relatively simple, and the maintenance cycle is short, and online repair can be achieved. Traditional maintenance methods can be effectively solved. However, it is relatively difficult to solve the most important part of the reducer, that is, the wear of the bearing chamber with traditional technology, which requires a lot of disassembly, and a lot of manpower, material resources and production time.

Generally speaking, the traditional repair process has many disadvantages. For example, the offline repair process often used by enterprises, not only the disassembly and assembly cost is high, but also the repair time is too long. The company cannot afford the loss of downtime for one month. In the online repair process Repair welding and grinding are ruled out, because repair welding will cause thermal stress and there is a risk of bending shaft broken. In addition, after repair welding, on-site grinding cannot guarantee the size of the mating surface. There are only a few high point supports, which is difficult to meet the long-term use of equipment.

Soleil carbon nano polymer technology mainly uses the unique mechanical properties of the material and the targeted repair process to repair the wear of the bearing chamber online. Carbon nano polymer is similar to a cold welding technology. It does not generate high temperature during the online repair process, which protects the equipment body from damage and is not limited by the unilateral wear of the shaft during the repair process. In addition, during the use process There will be no metal fatigue and wear, and under the premise of normal maintenance of the equipment, the service life after repair is even longer than the service life of new parts.


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