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How much oil should be added to the worm gear reducer
-2020-04-08 11:47:34-

In our ordinary work, as a novice, do we often encounter such problems? When filling the worm gear reducer, do we know how much to add? If it is added, it will leak. More importantly, I still don’t know under what circumstances. In fact, no matter which type of reducer we refuel, it is the same. Let’s talk about it in detail below.

If the oil quantity is judged under the working state of the worm gear reducer, the gap with the actual oil quantity is relatively large. It is recommended to measure the oil quantity and increase the appropriate amount of worm gear reducer lubricant when the reducer is stopped. Worm gear reducer manufacturers generally have manuals to standardize the oil volume of worm gear reducers, and the oil volume is increased to 2/3 of the oil window. And this data is in the shutdown state, note: do not add lubricating oil when the worm gear reducer is working. Because in the process of the worm gear reducer, the internal gear or the worm gear rotates to drive the internal lubricating oil to work together. If the amount of oil in the worm gear reducer is judged in this case, it may be full or lower than 2/3 of the oil window, there may even be no lubricant.

Therefore, no matter what the model of the reducer, we should refuel in a stopped state, preferably at 2/3.


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