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Introduction to reducer maintenance
-2019-12-25 13:12:19-

The industrial reducer plays the role of matching the speed and transmitting torque between the prime mover and the actuator. It is a reduction transmission device and is widely used in mechanical equipment. The hard-tooth surface reducer has been used for a long time, and abnormal noises usually occur during use. After opening the hard-tooth surface reducer case, it is found that the number of teeth of the pinion gear is bitten by different procedures, and the tooth edge of the large gear is also to a certain extent Damage. The cause of the damage is that the bearing steel ball is broken due to overload, and the bearing residue falls into the gear gap and causes the gear to bite. Reducer repair-please contact Wilt GearWilter Gear (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. At the same time, it also focuses on the inspection, condition monitoring, parts replacement, parts measurement, spare parts of large or super large brands and models of reducers All-round services such as parts supply. Advanced and complete maintenance facilities and tools, experienced professional maintenance team, and perfect maintenance technology are the quality assurance of Wilt reducer maintenance.

We have strict standard requirements for the disassembly and installation of the reducer. The bearing clearance and gear meshing are adjusted accurately. Each reducer must be tested by no-load test machine to confirm that it is running well before delivery. At the same time, professional and technical personnel are arranged to cooperate with the customer throughout the process. , To ensure that there is no worries about the operation of customer equipment.

Condition monitoring:

Before or after the maintenance of the reducer, our company will arrange condition monitoring and continue to follow up the operation status of the reducer.

Our company will provide customers with solutions to problems based on the status monitoring data of the equipment and the concept of combining process and equipment.


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