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Worm gear customization
-2019-12-16 13:12:59-

According to the user's technical requirements, we can map and process all kinds of worm gears. Through cooperation with CAVEX GmbH& Co. KG, we provide customers with decades-old CAVEX® worm gears with high transmission power and durable components. They are the first choice of machine equipment manufacturers. Its application areas include:

· Packaging Machinery

· Food machinery and equipment

· Strip rolling mill (shear cutter, reel, roller feeder, etc.)

· Mixing equipment

· Maritime ships

After years of application and verification in the field of machine tools, DUPLEX two-stage worm gear transmission series has the advantages of high precision and high hardness. Its special variable pitch design meets the flexible and strict requirements of high-precision transmission.

The concave tooth surface design of CAVEX® worm gear has a decisive advantage in terms of high load and durable function. Therefore, the tooth surface pressure is relatively significantly reduced, and the tooth surface lubrication effect is better. As a result, the worm gear made of high-quality and fine bronze material and the worm that has been carburized and hardened on the surface complement each other better.

With the concave tooth surface design, the contact surface of the worm tooth root is enlarged, making it easier to withstand sudden shock loads when running at low speeds.

CAVEX® Worm Gear Processing Capacity Range:

· Axis distance: 40-1400 mm

· Transmission ratio: 1 to 180

· Module: 1 to 40

· Number of worm teeth: 1 to 12

· High precision

· Reduced tooth surface force

· Customized processing with drawings

CAVEX® worm gears are often used in the field of high-load transmission. Each worm gear assembly undergoes strict quality control and meshing inspection after careful processing and manufacturing. The tooth profile design is optimized through advanced calculation software. CAVEX® brand worm gear products are highly reliable, durable and suitable for use in harsh and difficult environments.


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