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Method of improving spiral bevel gear
-2019-10-14 13:19:09-

Making a spiralBevel gearAt this time, the biggest problem is the method of making teeth. Small wooden gears used in clocks, automatic devices, etc., should be made from pieces of wood cutting, and used on waterwheels and other objects, and power Related wooden gears have to bear the load, so they must have strength requirements. When the gear teeth are worn out, they also need to be repaired.

In this regard, Europe is the same as Japan in that they all use an assemblable single-tooth drive and a replaceable structure. However, none of the gears on the 12-blade waterwheel are used. This type of work is generally done by waterwheel craftsmen. .

Metal spiral bevel gears were originally processed by hand in Europe, but with the change of the 8-blade tooth profile, the difficulty of drawing has increased. The earliest machined gears were gears for clocks and watches, which were processed in the early 18th century. The shaped, the actual object is still kept in the Stockholm Museum, Sweden. Its processing method is to file the teeth one by one through the up and down movement of the file in the cross section of the tooth groove shape. The manufacturer is Borham, Sweden. . After that, the tool for rotating the alveolar shape of the Sacramento Basanson valve in France is a tool that is better than filing and similar to a rotary file.

After entering the 19th century, spiral bevel gears began to use milling cutters to process gears. Bodmore in Switzerland and Witworth in the United Kingdom have made records in this regard. Because the relief tooth milling cutter was not invented at that time, the service life of the milling cutter Generally not long.


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