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Application of powder metallurgy gear in gear processing
-2019-10-14 13:20:04-

Gear manufacturers said that the so-called powder metallurgy gear refers to the powder metallurgy parts commonly used in various automobile engines. It can fully meet the dimensional accuracy requirements, especially the tooth profile accuracy, through a one-time forming and finishing process without other post-treatment processes. Name of supporting category of powder metallurgy parts:

car engine;

Camshaft, crankshaft timing pulley, water pump, oil pump pulley, driving and driven gears, driving and driven sprocket, cam, bearing cover, rocker arm, bushing, thrust plate, valve guide, intake and exhaust Door valve seat automobile gearbox;

Various high and low speed synchronizer gear hubs and components, clutch gears, cams, camshafts, sliders, shift levers, bushings, guide blocks, synchronizer ring motorcycle parts;

Driven gears and components, sprockets, starting pawls, ratchets, star gears, double gears, counter gears, shift gears, push rod cams, bushings, sliding bearings, centering sleeves, driven discs, forward and row Valve seat automobile and motorcycle oil pump;

Various oil pump gears, gear hubs, various oil pump rotors, cam rings, various pistons of automobile and motorcycle shock absorbers, bottom valve seats, guide seats, compressor various pistons, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, valve plates, seal rings, agricultural machinery Products of various shaft sleeves, rotors, bearings and others: distributor gears, planetary gears, internal gears, combined internal gears, various stainless steel nuts, magnetic poles.



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