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RENK (2700KW) reducer maintenance
-2021-07-14 14:44:01-

At the end of January 2016, Wilt Company undertook the repair work of KPBV150 reducer of a certain group company. The reducer is produced by RENK in Germany and was put into use in 2010.

The main task of this speed reducer maintenance is to replace all the bearings in the reducer. However, after the dismantling and disassembling of the reducer, it is found that the coating of the inner holes of the six secondary planetary gears is peeling off, the planetary gear bearing has the phenomenon of running outer circle, and the position of the high speed shaft bearing is also Wear and wear up to 0.3mm. Wilt's reducer maintenance technicians have provided an appropriate treatment plan for the customer through analysis and comparison, and actively cooperate with the customer to repair the planetary gears and high-speed shafts, so that the above components fully meet the requirements of use.

At present, the repaired parts have been shipped to the Wilt repair factory, the assembly work is in an intense and orderly process, the spiral bevel gear has been loaded into the box, and the first stage planetary carrier is also assembled. It is expected that the reducer will be in mid-March. Repairs will be completed and delivered.

Wilt has strict standard requirements for the disassembly and installation of the reducer. The bearing clearance and gear meshing are precisely adjusted. Each reducer must be checked by the no-load test machine before it can be delivered, and the professional technicians can be arranged. Cooperate with the customer to install and ensure that the customer equipment runs without any worries.

Before the maintenance of the reducer or after the repair, our company will arrange condition monitoring and continue to follow the operation of the reducer. Our company will provide customers with solutions to problems based on the status monitoring data of the equipment and the combination of process and equipment.

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