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WELTER gears - spiral bevel gear single piece matching expert
-2019-05-24 14:47:12-

The WELTER Group focuses on the development and manufacture of transmission systems with a worldwide sales network.  Gear parts are manufactured and manufactured to meet the needs of high precision, medium and small batches.  Our success stems from 79 years of gear manufacturing experience and tireless pursuit of transmission engineering.

Bevel gears, bevel gears, bevel gears, are used for transmission between intersecting shafts.  The bevel gear is the most typical structure in the shaft-transmission transmission structure, and the Klingelnberg and Gleason gears are the most widely used forms of high-precision and high-load gear transmission.  Since its tooth path trajectory is a cone curve, it is usually called a spiral bevel gear.  Wilter produces bevel gears with diameters up to 3000 mm and modulus values of any modulus. Spiral bevels and beveled teeth cover gear processing needs in almost all technical applications.

Based on the envelope principle of the tooth surface, in order to ensure good performance, the spiral bevel gear tooth surface is usually paired (the matching meshing area and backlash and mounting distance should be adjusted during finishing), paired and used, paired with each other. change.  However, during the actual use of the user, due to lubrication, alignment, overload, etc., one of the parts often fails first (usually a high-speed bevel pinion).  In the case of another piece that is still intact, the waste that is brought to the user is enormous.  At this time, the matching program came into being.

WELTER has a proven inspection, calculation and processing technology for mold making.  The following is a brief introduction to the molding process (taking the high-speed bevel gear as an example).

First of all, after the WELTER Germany Headquarters R&D Center will fully test the bevel gears that need to be fitted, use the original large bevel gears to make a new high-speed bevel gear pair with it:

1. Selection of raw materials: high-quality alloy steel 18CrNiMo7-6 supplied by two major forging manufacturers, BGH and BUDERUS EDELSTAHL, in accordance with DIN EN10204 3.1;

2, the process steps of the mold:

1) Measure the dimensions of the old parts;

2) Do reverse engineering and do tooth shape calculation;

3) Finely measure the tooth shape parameters with a three-coordinate detector (easy to select a suitable milling cutter head), check the tooth profile and pitch parameter;

4) For the intact old bevel gear, the parts are completely cleaned, the tooth surface is checked by magnetic particle inspection, and then according to the three-coordinate detection data, the tooth surface is slightly corrected (finishing teeth 0.03~0.05mm) to the original factory standard— - Level 6 accuracy of the DIN 3965 standard;

5) Do the meshing calculation;

6) Drawing, production and processing of high-speed bevel gear shaft;

7) When the new high-speed bevel gear shaft is machined to the finishing tooth (grinding) process, the meshing inspection is performed together with the micro-corrected old bevel gear, and the detection data is fed back to the design software for tooth profile optimization. Transfer to the processing equipment for optimal cutting of the meshing area, the precision can reach the original factory requirements.

8) After the completion and final inspection, the package is shipped.  Attachment: material report, chemical composition report; ultrasonic flaw detection report, magnetic particle inspection report; heat treatment report; single tooth surface meshing test report; gear meshing instrument test report (including meshing area, mounting distance and side gap).

The comparison chart is as follows:

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