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WELTER's professional reducer maintenance test platform
-2019-05-24 14:49:59-

WELTER service team took photos with domestic customers 2017.09.28

After nearly ten years, fifteen years, or even longer operation, various types of industrial reducers of various types of domestic and foreign, heavy and heavy loads in China's cement industry, power industry, steel industry, port industry, mining industry, etc. Gradually enter the peak of the maintenance of the reducer .  In order to meet the growing demand for maintenance and repair of professional reducers on the market, WELTER Gear (Nanjing) Co., Ltd. made timely adjustments in business, in addition to the sales of the original bevel gears, sprockets and CAVEX worm gear reducers. , comprehensively carry out maintenance services for professional reducers of various types, industries and load levels.  To this end, the construction of a high-end, professional reducer maintenance test platform has become a top priority, and it is imperative!

After nearly three months of investment and construction, the new professional test platform for reducer started to be put into use at WELTER Gear (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

First, the test platform service object:

1. Large and extra large heavy-duty reducers, such as FLENDER, MAAG, RENK, SEW, HANSEN Hansen, sumitomo Sumitomo, Heavy Tooth, NGC, FALK, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, etc.

2, Small and medium specific industry speed reducer

3, CAVEX worm gear reducer

Second, the main configuration of the test platform:

1. Design bearing capacity 200T;

2. Configure high pressure and low pressure lubrication systems separately;

3. Configure advanced frequency control system for electronic control;

4. It is equipped with variable speed motors of different specifications to meet the running test of large, medium and small reducers;

5. It is equipped with vibration tester, thermometer, noise meter and temperature inspection instrument to detect various indicators of the operation of the reducer;

Third, the construction process and practical application of the test platform:

1. Design layout, parameter setting, overall size, etc. are based on the actual configuration of KLP710 / KMPS576 / KMPP851, MAAG WPU242, and heavy-duty gear reducer JLP330 from Germany FLENDER (Figure 1):

2, The overall effect (Figure 2):

3, The ground trough iron bearing foundation, the concrete is placed in three times, can bear 200t (Figure 3):

4. The workshop is equipped with a 100t crane (Figure 4):

5, High and low pressure lubrication system, oil supply capacity up to 800L / min (Figure 5):

6. The electronic control system and motor of frequency conversion speed regulation can realize variable frequency stepless speed regulation and positive and negative rotation control (Fig. 6, Fig. 7, Fig. 8):

7, Vibration tester, thermometer, noise meter, temperature inspection instrument (Figure 9):

8, The maintenance of the Flender KMP710 reducer, power 3600KW, weight of 101 tons (Figure 10):

9. The heavy-duty JLP330B reducer with maintenance has a power of 3150KW and a weight of 90 tons (Figure 11):

10. Repaired Flender FZG standard reducer (Fig. 12):

11. Repaired CAVEX COA315 worm gear reducer (Fig. 13):

12. FLENDER KMPP reducer waiting for maintenance (Figure 14)

13, The speed reducer waiting for maintenance, Philadelphia Philadelphia vertical grinding reducer (Figure 15):

14, The speed reducer waiting for maintenance, Philadelphia Philadelphia vertical grinding reducer (Figure 16):

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