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Current projects:


Repair of 1800 Kw planetary reducer (customer in salt mine field: Südwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG)

Wilt Gear Company completed the maintenance task of a 1,800 kW planetary reducer in eight weeks.


The customer's bucket lift reducer is in urgent need of repair. Almost all damaged gear parts must be disassembled, remanufactured and installed in place within eight weeks. Wilt Gear Company not only completed the task in a short time with high quality and quantity, but also measured and optimized the weaknesses in the gear system. After a successful test run, the reducer successfully arrived at the customer site for installation and use.



Crusher drive (Customer in the field of recycling services: SEG Umwelt Service GmbH)

Wilt Gear Company is responsible for designing, manufacturing and installing the drive system of the crusher, which has raised the European refrigerator recycling standard.


SEG Umweltservice GmbH, located in Mettlach, Germany, has developed an effective technology for recovering CFCs from discarded refrigerators. Regarding the recycling and dismantling of refrigerators, the SEG system has established a set of strict recycling responsibility standards. As a result, refrigerator recycling standards in Europe have been improved. Countries that apply the SEG system are also increasing, such as: Germany, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, etc.

After recycling discarded refrigerators, they must undergo a process of crushing and dismemberment. The drive system of the crusher is designed, manufactured and installed by Wilt Gear Company.



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