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 Production and processing

Production and processing



All mechanical processing strictly abides by the process and specifications, and fully meets the customer's technical requirements. The most advanced CNC machine tools are used for machining:

· Lathe, milling machine processing center

· Five-axis machining center

· Drilling machine, boring machine

· Round hole grinder

· Gear milling machine

· Gear shaper, gear scraper

· Gear Grinding Machine

· Keyway milling machine

Maximum workpiece size:


Spiral umbrella teeth:

Klingelnberg Palloid, diameter Ø 500 mm, module: 2 – 8;

Klingelnberg Zyklo Palloid, diameter Ø 3000 mm, module: 2-33;

Gleason tooth system Gleason diameter Ø 2500 mm, module: 2-33


Cylindrical gear:

Outer diameter Ø 2500mm, modulus: 2-40; inner diameter Ø 1300 mm, modulus: 2-14;

Herringbone tooth (Sykes) diameter Ø 2500 mm, module: 2-40

Grinding teeth: outer diameter Ø 2000 mm, tooth width 950 mm, module: 2-34; inner diameter Ø 200 -1300 mm, module: 2-10

Worm gear: diameter Ø3000 mm; module: 1-34

Worm: Diameter Ø 500 mm; Module: 1-34



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