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 Snake spring coupling

Snake spring coupling


French mechanical transmission equipment leader

CMD France, founded by André Citroën, joined the CIF Group in 2005. Since its establishment more than 100 years ago, the company has been a pioneer in the mechanical transmission of large rotating equipment in France, and has developed and produced more than 20 kinds of metal flexible couplings.

Our innovative flexible couplings are still in the harsh industrial environment, or are indispensable for the transmission of higher torques. These types of couplings are difficult to handle, and our Winflex® is Your best choice. The wide range of torque coverage of this series also established our leading position in the field of metal flexible couplings. This leadership position is further reinforced by our Flexident® range of gear couplings. Because CMD also produces medium and large reducers, the extremely large world-class large CNC machine tools ensure large diameter couplings with a diameter of 4.5 meters. The dedicated coupling technology R&D department is able to provide customers with professional technical guidance and custom design to meet your specific and rigorous technical needs.

Our company applies the most advanced and modern processing equipment and manufacturing process, 100% of which is produced in the French factory, providing you with competitive prices and discerning quality.

Imported snake spring coupling features

Best cost effective and reliable solution

Many years of use have been achieved and proven this optimized coupling


Wheel hub

■ Specially designed tooth profile maintains the same surface contact of the spring and teeth at all times, significantly increasing hub torque.

■ Since the spring contacts more teeth, it absorbs torque effectively and avoids damage.

■ No additional force on the shaft.



■ The spring keeps working in the tooth gap in the elastic range

■ New surface treatment prevents oxidation, friction and wear.

■ Spring ensures durability during the manufacturing phase




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