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  •  Axial drive plane gear

    Axial drive plane gearHelical plane gear transmission is a new type of spatial cross-axis gear transmission composed of involute helical pinions and helical plane 现在联系

  •  Railway locomotive drive hard tooth

    Railway locomotive drive hard toothThe wheel design, manufacturing and installation process is quite complicated, and the noise requirements are very high. Generally, it is a 现在联系

  •  Umbrella teeth

    Umbrella teethThe wheels are bevel gears and bevel gears. Bevel gears are often used for transmission of two vertical shafts, but they are also suitable f 现在联系

  •  Spiral bevel gear

    Spiral bevel gearWidely used in domestic and foreign oilfield and petrochemical machinery, various machine tools, various mechanical processing equipment, en 现在联系

  • Spiral umbrella tooth

    Spiral umbrella toothWheels are spiral bevel gears, which are often used for movement and power transmission between two intersecting shafts. The teeth of the be 现在联系

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