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 Spiral bevel gear

Spiral bevel gear


When the teeth of a pair of bevel gears mesh with the transmission, the situation is very similar to the transmission of two semi-conical friction wheels, but for the transmission of the friction wheel, if the force driven by the driven shaft is greater than the friction between the two wheels Force, the two wheel surfaces will slip, or even make a driven wheel unable to be driven. If the friction wheel is made into a toothed wheel, and the teeth on the gear are used to drive the teeth on the other shaft, the rotational force of this shaft can be transmitted to the other shaft. The meshing transmission of the bevel gear is based on Based on this.

Spiral bevel gears are widely used in domestic and foreign oilfield petrochemical machinery, various machine tools, various machining equipment, engineering machinery, metallurgical equipment, steel rolling machinery, mining machinery, coal mining machinery, textile machinery, shipbuilding machinery, shipbuilding industry, aerospace, forklifts , Elevators, reducers, aircraft manufacturing and many other industries. Spiral bevel gears are used in a variety of mechanical equipment, showing their excellent performance, and are well received by aerospace equipment manufacturers, shipyards, engineering machinery plants, metallurgical equipment plants, steel rolling spare parts plants, steel rolling machinery plants, steel rolling plants, Metallurgical machinery plant, mining machinery plant, coal mining machinery plant, oil field petrochemical machinery plant, textile machinery plant, machine tool plant, equipment company, elevator company, aircraft manufacturing plant, reducer plant, coal mining machinery plant, light industry machinery plant, steel rolling mill , Steel rolling equipment factory, metallurgical equipment factory and other customers.



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