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 Railway locomotive drive hard tooth

Railway locomotive drive hard tooth


The design, manufacturing and installation process of hard gears for railway locomotive transmission is quite complicated, and the noise requirements are very high. Generally, they are medium and high-speed transmissions.Gear processingThe process, heat treatment process, tooth surface grinding process, etc. are all accurately calculated and arranged; the transmission power is designed to meet the safety requirements of the whole machine. The transmission runs smoothly and the gear carrying capacity is high, but it is very difficult to manufacture. It is widely used in high-speed train gearboxes and has made great contributions to my country's high-speed locomotives. Due to the wide application of hardened gears and the increasing demand for high-speed and high-performance gears, gear grinding is required to improve efficiency and quality. Generally speaking. Generating method is more commonly used for tooth grinding. The forming method has less tooth grinding. Although the gear grinding method has high precision, the efficiency is low. Not suitable for heavy grinding. In recent years, in order to improve efficiency, grinding methods have also been improved, such as reducing the number of grinding times, compressing the generated length, and shortening the tailing stroke; the proposed&"double-sided grinding method GG" has improved the actual grinding efficiency.


Hardened bevel gear pair for railway locomotive drive



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