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 Worm Gear Hobbing Machine

Worm Gear Hobbing Machine


Gear hobbing machine is one of the most widely used machine tools in gear processing machines. It can cut straight and helical cylindrical gears, as well as worm gears and sprockets. A gear processing machine for machining straight, helical and herringbone cylindrical gears and worm gears with a hob according to the generative method. This machine can also process when using a special hobSpline shaftAnd sprockets and other special tooth-shaped workpieces. The machining accuracy of the ordinary gear hobbing machine is 7 to 6 (JB179-83), and the high precision gear hobbing machine is 4 to 3. The maximum machining diameter is 15 meters.

Gear hobbing machines are divided into vertical and horizontal types according to their layout. Large and medium-sized gear hobbing machines are mostly vertical, small gear hobbing machines and gear hobbing machines dedicated to processing long shaft gears are all horizontal. Vertical gear hobbing machines are divided into two types: table movement and column movement. When the vertical gear hobbing machine is working, the hob is mounted on the hob spindle and driven by the main motor for rotating movement. The tool post can move vertically along the column guide rail and can also adjust an angle around the horizontal axis. The workpiece is mounted on the worktable, driven by the indexing worm gear pair to rotate, and forms a generative motion with the movement of the hob



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