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  •  Personalized gearbox

    Personalized gearboxThe machine tool industry has extremely high requirements for precision and rigidity. The double-dial worm gear pair that has emerged 现在联系

  •  Stainless steel gearbox

    Stainless steel gearboxNo need to redesign the original FLENDER-CAVEX old worm gear reducer CAVEX worm gearbox is favored by customers because of its rugged 现在联系

  •  Compact gearbox

    Compact gearboxThe turbine pair guarantees better tooth surface engagement and very low tooth surface pressure (Hertz pressure) with higher lubricat

  •  Industrial gearbox

    Industrial gearboxThe best solution:
    The CAVEX worm gearbox has been in development for more than 60 years, and only one belief is ete

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