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 Industrial gearbox

Industrial gearbox


CAVEX has more than 60 years of history and has a unique worm design. CAVEX worms are favored by different industrial sectors for their decisive advantages. The CAVEX brand name is derived from the Latin word Concavus and Convexus. Thanks to the good fit of the concave flank and the convex turbine, the CAVEX worm is far superior to the worm gear of the same size.

The best solution:

The CAVEX worm gearbox has been in development for more than 60 years, and only one belief is eternal: the needs of the customer. So far, in addition to providing our customers with the standard range of CAVEX products, we also offer individualized CAVEX products for special applications and special industrial applications.

Complete specifications:

The various series of worm gearboxes supplied by CAVEX are as follows:

18 sizes / torque 100-360000Nm / single or multi-level / standard or special custom


Typical configuration

The output shaft is a solid shaft or a hollow shaft

Input and output shafts in various layouts

Output shaft with reinforced bearing

Output hollow shaft with keyway or locking disc

Labyrinth shaft seal

The cabinet is made of gray cast iron GG20 or ductile iron GG40

High precision worm gear pair

DUPLEX double lead worm gear pair


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