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 Compact gearbox

Compact gearbox


The turbine pair guarantees better tooth surface engagement and very low tooth surface pressure (Hertz pressure) with higher lubrication. The maximum torque is 360,000Nm, the highest efficiency is 95%, and the life is significantly improved due to the reduced wear. The CAVEX turbine is designed according to the ZC geometry standard and complies with the DIN 3975 standard, which is better adapted to the turbine meshing to meet the specific application needs of the customer.

CAVEX gearbox standardization products

Single-stage worm has 18 specifications, center distance a: 63mm-630mm

Single-stage worm gear ratio range 5-70

Solid shaft output with single or dual output shaft

Installation method: direct connection, flange, hollow shaft, torsion arm.


Perfect CMD gearbox design:

For decades, CAVEX products have been the representative of high quality and high technology. The newly designed CAVEX compact series also has more advantages:

Lightweight – the simplified design of the gearbox reduces product weight by 20%

Efficient - Niemann tooth worm gear pair for the most efficient transmission

Flexible – exquisite and complete gearbox design that matches more drive gear



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