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 High-strength gear shaft of shield machine

High-strength gear shaft of shield machine


Gears are typical mechanical parts and important transmission parts for automobiles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery. They require good fatigue strength and wear resistance. They are usually made of carburized steel.

The gear shaft is an integral part of a gear and a shaft, which is used to mesh with a gear on another shaft to transmit movement and power. The gear shaft is made because the outer diameter of the gear is very small. In order to ensure the strength, it cannot be connected with the shaft using a key. It can only be made into a gear shaft.

In the design, the use of gear shafts is generally nothing more than the following situations:

1. The gear shaft is generally a pinion (a gear with a small number of teeth).

2. The gear shaft is generally in the high-speed stage (that is, the low-torque stage).

3. Gear shafts are generally seldom used as sliding gears for variable speeds, and are generally fixed-running gears. First, because they are in the high-speed stage, their high speeds are not suitable for sliding shifting.

4. The gear shaft is a combination of shaft and gear. However, in the design, the length of the shaft should be shortened as much as possible. If it is too long, it is not conducive to the upper hobbing machine. The second is that the support of the shaft is too long and the shaft needs to be thickened. Increase the mechanical strength (such as rigidity, deflection, bending resistance, etc.)

Face gearIt is a gear that fits with a spur gear or a helical gear at a 90-degree shaft angle. The center axis of this type of gear pinion and the end gear is vertical, and the two vertical center axes can be intersected or can be There is an offset distance.

Face gears are mainly used in helicopters, fishing reels, clocks, and bicycles. Its heavy load and smooth transmission characteristics have a wide range of applications.


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