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 Railway locomotive gear

Railway locomotive gear


Straight tooth is a classification of gears. According to the relative position and tooth direction of a pair of gear axes (whether the two circles are parallel), it can be divided into plane gear rotation and space gear rotation; according to the working conditions of the gears, it can be divided into open transmission and closed transmission; according to gear teeth or tooth profile The shape is divided into straight tooth, helical tooth, herringbone gear, or straight tooth, curved tooth. In order to make the gear rotate in both directions, the tooth profile on both sides of the gear tooth is composed of involute surfaces with the same shape and opposite directions. The names and symbols of each part are: addendum circle, tooth root circle, tooth Groove, tooth thickness, tooth pitch, modulus m, index circle d, tooth top and tooth root, top clearance. The spur gear is one of the most common gears in actual production and use. Damage is inevitable during the use process. Therefore, it is necessary to make a new gear that is the same as the original gear. For various reasons, the customer cannot provide the required spur gear. In order to ensure that the processed products can be used normally, the gear drawings must be accurately surveyed and mapped



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